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AMP Conf

March 7/8 in NYC. 14 Talks. 5 Panels. Live-streamed.

Connect with the AMP developers and ecosystem and learn how to create beautiful, interactive, responsive and successful AMP pages. Join us if you're a web developer or designer interested in AMP, either in the livestream or in person for chock-full two days of content.


All talks and sessions are designed to help you create amazing, successful AMP content (and to help others do the same!), and over 50% of are given by partners in the AMP ecosystem.

March 7th

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  • Opening notes
  • Day One Keynote
    David Besbris, Google

    David Besbris, AMP Project lead, will open the AMP Conf with a look at the past year, present and future of AMP.

  • 1B+ Pages AMPed
    Sam Meder, Pinterest Vadim Antonov, Pinterest

    Pinterest has more than a billion pages that are accessible to unauthenticated users and discoverable via Google search. In this talk we will walk through what it took to convert these to AMP and where we are planning to go next.

  • AMP in the Wild
    Natalia Baltazar, The Guardian

    Learn how the Guardian turned the limitations of AMP into an opportunity to rethink their article pages, header and navigation and therefore improved their overall user journey.

  • Coffee Break
  • Adding AMP to an e-commerce Workflow
    Senthil Padmanabhan, eBay

    eBay is one of the first eCommerce players to launch AMP in production. In this talk we will discuss on how to add AMP to an existing workflow and develop in parallel. We will dive into why we chose AMP, lessons learned, things that are critical for eCommerce and the challenges faced. We will also share some metrics along the way.

  • Beautiful, Canonical, and Responsive AMP Pages
    Le Wei, UpperQuad Eric Lindley, Google

    Le is the lead developer for the upcoming relaunch of the AMP Project website, and will share lots of lessons learned when building canonical, responsive AMP. She'll also highlight some upcoming AMP features that make it even easier to build attractive AMP Pages.

  • Mobile web on flaky networks: When they go slow, Wego fast!
    Honey Mittal, Wego

    Delivering an app-like experience to mobile web users on flaky networks has always been a challenge for developers building for both the developed and emerging markets. Until now, that is! Thanks to AMP and PWA, has been able to flip their mobile web experience upside down. Come learn about how combined the power of both AMP and PWA to create a great end to end mobile web experience with faster acquisition and higher engagement.

  • Lunch (with the AMP team!)

    The AMP team needs sustenance as well, and what better time to grab them to offer feedback and discuss the roadmap. We'll have dedicated tables with project members who want to hear from you.

  • AMP & the web platform
    Paul Bakaus, Google (Moderator) Jeremy Keith, Clearleft Nicole Sullivan, Salesforce Sarah Saltrick Meyer, Buzzfeed Gina Trapani, Postlight Mike Adler, Etsy

    It's hard to argue that AMP improves page speed and usability, but does it actually help the web platform at large or is it just a stop-gap measure? And if it doesn't, how can we fix it? We invited a bunch of advocates for the open web to talk candidly and take a hard look together of where the web is heading, and how we can ensure a healthy open-web for the next generations.

  • I can't believe it's AMP!
    Madison Miner, WompMobile Sebastian Benz, Google

    Watch Madison, CEO of WompMobile, come up with clever CSS and AMP component production hacks to support all sorts of use-cases, and then marvel at how Sebastian, creator of turns a myriad of these and more tricks to create fascinating applications of AMP.

  • Leveraging AMP for e-commerce: Eventbrite’s journey to optimized mobile pages
    Beck Cronin-Dixon, Eventbrite

    Eventbrite has seen many wins since launching its event listings pages as AMP. But this journey had its share of technical and design challenges. This discussion will focus on some of those hurdles including accommodating user-generated content, issues specific to ecommerce and ticketing, and structuring HTML and CSS for maintainability. We will detail how Eventbrite overcame these obstacles without sacrificing user experience or brand alignment.

  • Turing complete...AMP Pages?!
    William Chou, Google

    The AMP team has been amazed at the creativity web developers are showing to create interactivity without JS, but we're finally making it a little easier out of the box. Learn how amp-bind, amp-selector, amp-fresh and other exciting new components enable true interactivity.

  • Coffee Break
  • What's next in AMP
    Malte Ubl, Google Rudy Galfi, Google

    What does the future for AMP look like? Malte Ubl, engineering lead of AMP, and Rudy Galfi, PM on the AMP team, are here to tell you all about it.

  • Q&A with Google Search and AMP Leadership
    David Besbris, Google Malte Ubl, Google Rudy Galfi, Google Richard Gingras, Google Ranna Zhou, Google Ardan Arac, Google

    It's time to ask the AMP and Google Search leadership all the questions. All keynote speakers as well as a few additional guests from Google Search & News will try their very best to answer every question you throw at them.

  • Party!

March 8th

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  • Day Two Keynote: How Cloudflare is accelerating AMP
    Matthew Prince, Cloudflare

    Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, opens the second day with his keynote, bringing an exciting outlook on how they're expanding the AMP ecosystem with new Cloudflare-powered solutions.

  • AMP on Google Search: Building the perfect AMP Viewer
    Ranna Zhou, Google

    Ranna will talk about how Google Search uses AMP to create experiences like the Top Stories carousel, and how the AMP Viewer works, from top to bottom. It's rare to get a chance to look behind the scenes of Google Search – you don't want to miss this one.

  • Progressive Web AMPs: From AMP to PWA
    Alex Russell, Google

    AMP gets content in front of users fast – PWAs enable rich experiences and engagement. Learn how to combine the two to get the best of both worlds by the Chrome engineer who coined the term "Progressive Web App".

  • Coffee Break
  • AMP Conversion: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
    John Pettitt, Relay Media

    Relay Media is converting millions of AMP pages every day, and conversion brings many challenges different than building from scratch. Learn how to compress CSS efficiently, replace functionality smartly and much more.

  • Consuming AMP: The platform panel
    Paul Bakaus, Google (Moderator) Marcelo De Barros, Microsoft Zack Hendlin, LinkedIn Dane Knecht, Cloudflare

    Meet the platforms that embed and distribute AMP pages, and learn about their unique challenges, future ideas and more. Featuring an all-star lineup that includes Bing, LinkedIn, Google and more to be announced.

  • Lunch (with the AMP team!)

    The AMP team needs sustenance as well, and what better time to grab them to offer feedback and discuss the roadmap. We'll have dedicated tables with project members who want to hear from you.

  • Better advertising on a faster web: AMP for Ads
    Yamini Gupta, Google Vamsee Jasti, Google

    So, AMP made content faster on the mobile web. But what about ads? Slow, spammy and disruptive ad experiences have eroded the value of content by annoying users even as advertising continues to be at the cornerstone of every publisher's business model. AMP's mission is to build a better, faster mobile web --- and that includes ads. Join us in this session to hear more about AMP for Ads (A4A), a new initiative from the AMP Project that's fundamentally changing the way ads are built and delivered on the web.

  • Building a new AMP component
    Chen Shay, Google

    So what happens if you discover that an AMP component for your use case doesn't exist? Contributing a new component is actually much easier than many expect, and Chen will walk you through it.

  • Workshops
    Sebastian Benz, Google Ali Ghassemi, Google Sriram Krishnan, Google Yamini Gupta, Google Vamsee Jasti, Google

    To wrap up the conference, it's time to get our hands dirty. Bring your laptop and curiosity and participate in one of the three workshops offered by the AMP team:

    • Build and contribute your first AMP Component
    • Beautiful, interactive, canonical: Pick three
    • Progressive Web AMPs: From AMP to PWA
  • Wrap-up


  • Alex Russell, Google

    Alex Russell is a Software Engineer on the Chrome team at Google where he designs new features for the web platform and leads Chrome's Standards work. He's a member of TC39, the committee standardizing ECMAScript/JavaScript, and is an elected member of the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group where he works with a group of like-minded reformers to improve the state of layering and API design for the web. Progressive Web Apps are his jam.

  • Ardan Arac, Google

    Ardan leads fresh content products in Google search. She has been a product manager at Google since 2006. She studied electrical engineering previously.

  • Beck Cronin-Dixon, Eventbrite

    Beck Cronin-Dixon is an SEO Engineer and lead developer for AMP at Eventbrite. As a Nashville Software School alumni she is passionate about encouraging aspiring coders into engineering careers. Her SEO mantra is ‘search engine optimization and user experience should always go hand in hand’. She is a world traveler who has lived on 4 different continents.

  • Chen Shay, Google

    Chen is a Software Engineer on the AMP Team @ Google. Prior to AMP, Chen worked on Google Saves and most recently, Health Search. Chen launched Health Cards in developing countries, and Google Answers to Health questions. Chen is a Silicon Valley native. She holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Ben Gurion University in Israel.

  • David Besbris, Google

    Bez joined Google in 2008 and leads the Google News, Google Play Newsstand, AMP and Google Search fresh content teams. Before that he's led several other products, including Google+, Google Photos, Gmail and Google Calendar.

  • Eric Lindley, Google

    Eric Lindley is a product manager on the AMP Project, focused on format support. Previously at Google he worked on the initial launch of the standalone Google Photos app.

  • Gina Trapani, Postlight

    Gina Trapani is a writer, podcaster, and Director of Engineering at Postlight, a digital product studio in New York City. Gina helped create Postlight Labs' Mercury AMP Converter, a tool that transforms web pages into AMP with one line of code. Once upon a time, she founded Lifehacker.

  • Honey Mittal, Wego

    Honey is Senior Vice President - Product at, a search-driven online travel marketplace operating across the Middle East & Asia-Pacific and backed by top-tier investors. He has been working with 'everything mobile' for the last 8 years. The last 3 of them have been at Wego, building Wego's top-ranked mobile apps and more recently with revamping Wego's web products. Having recently launched Wego's new mobile web experience (PWA and AMP Pages), Wego's product & engineering team hopes to share their experience with the community and also learn from others at the AMP Summit!

  • Jeremy Keith, Clearleft

    Jeremy Keith is an Irish web developer living in Brighton, England where he co-founded the splendid design agency Clearleft. He wrote the books DOM Scripting, Bulletproof Ajax, HTML5 For Web Designers, and most recently Resilient Web Design. He also organised events like dConstruct, Responsive Day Out, and the world's first Science Hack Day. Jeremy spends most of his time goofing off on the internet, documenting his time-wasting on, where he has been writing for over fifteen years.

  • John Pettitt, Relay Media

    John is co-founder/CTO of Relay Media, a company dedicated to AMP. Relay provides automated AMP conversion services for many TV and Newspaper sites. John was VP of engineering for BitTorrent, and co-founder/CTO of and CyberSource. John’s photojournalism has appeared in Wired, Vanity Fair, NY Times, Washington Post, on CNN, and on CBS news. He's had an Internet email address since 1983.

  • Le Wei, UpperQuad

    Le is a Senior Developer at Upperquad, a design studio in San Francisco, where she works on a variety of projects for clients such as Google, Github, and Facebook. Most recently she has been working with the AMP team on a redesign of Prior to UQ, Le was a software engineer at Google.

  • Madison Miner, WompMobile

    Madison Miner is co-founder of WompMobile, a mobile optimization company that converts complex, e-commerce websites into AMP pages, bringing to life faster, more compelling digital experiences. Madison, a software engineer, is relentless about finding creative ways to create rich functionality, while keeping mobile architecture lean and performant. In his spare time, Madison can be found peddling his bike, meandering through Washington state.

  • Malte Ubl, Google

    Malte Ubl is the tech lead of the AMP Project. He previously spent 5 years at Google making JavaScript based apps go fast and in his free time, he is one of the co-organizers of JSConf EU.

  • Matthew Prince, Cloudflare

    Matthew Prince is co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare. CloudFlare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. Before CloudFlare, he co-founded Unspam Technologies, an anti-spam startup where he continues to serve as Chairman. Since then, Matthew has been an adjunct professor of law at the John Marshall Law School and co-creator of Project Honey Pot, the largest open source community tracking online fraud and abuse. He is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, winner of the 2011 Tech Fellow Award, and serves on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law. Matthew holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a George F. Baker Scholar and awarded the Dubliner Prize for Entrepreneurship. He is a member of the Illinois Bar, and earned his J.D. from the University of Chicago and B.A. from Trinity College.

  • Mike Adler, Etsy

    Mike Adler is a Staff Software Engineer at Etsy where he focuses on performance matters. Mike likes to build custom monitoring tools to answer tough questions about performance. He hasn't had a personal web site since 1997.

  • Natalia Baltazar, The Guardian

    Natalia Baltazar is a full stack software engineer at the Guardian. She works mainly on the, coding in Javascript and Scala. At the Guardian she is the lead developer creating Google AMP versions of article pages and helping spearhead diversity initiatives. Outside of work she organises one-day workshops teaching Node.js with, is an organiser for Ladies of Code, and volunteers as a mentor for a variety of free coding meetups. In her spare time she focuses on learning new programming languages, furniture refurbishment, and fashion design.

  • Nicole Sullivan, Salesforce

    Nicole is an Engineering Director at Salesforce and the creator of Object Oriented CSS, Dr Frankenstyle, CSSLint, and CSSConf. Follow her on Twitter, read her blog.

  • Paul Bakaus, Google

    Paul Bakaus is a Developer Advocate at Google, heading up outreach for AMP. He assists developers, designers, and filmmakers to create better, faster, more immersive and more convincing digital experiences.

  • Ranna Zhou, Google

    Ranna Zhou is a product manager on Search working to bring information context and summarization of news to users. She studied computer science at MIT and exercises her degree coding for non-profits.

  • Richard Gingras, Google

    Richard Gingras is Vice President of News at Google. In that role he guides Google’s strategies relating to the media ecosystem and oversees many of Google’s news and media related products. Richard was a key instigator of the AMP project and was previously co-founder of the Trust Project, a global effort within the journalism community to insure that high quality journalism is recognized for the credibility it deserves.

  • Rudy Galfi, Google

    Rudy Galfi is the product management lead for the AMP Project since August 2015. He previously spent four years at Google building personalized content recommendation experiences for various Google products and was product manager for Google News. Prior to Google, Rudy was a software engineer at Microsoft.

  • Sam Meder, Pinterest

    Sam Meder is a engineer at Pinterest where he is responsible for performance across all platforms. Prior to Pinterest he's been a technical leader and manager at a variety of startups.

  • Sarah Saltrick Meyer, Buzzfeed

    Sarah Saltrick Meyer is a native New Yorker, employed as software engineer at BuzzFeed. She likes good websites and the opera. After a career in front-end engineering at all sorts of startups in the New York-Boston corridor, she now builds a modern web experience for BuzzFeed's millions of readers.

  • Sebastian Benz, Google

    Sebastian Benz is a Developer Advocate at Google. He created and helps partners be more successful on the web and on Android. Sebastian has a PhD in Computer Science from TU Muenchen.

  • Senthil Padmanabhan, eBay

    Senthil Padmanabhan is a Principal Engineer & Web Platform Lead at eBay, building the multiscreen shopping experience. He is specialized in web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, along with web performance & optimization.

  • Vadim Antonov, Pinterest

    Vadim Antonov is a Tech Lead for the User Acquisition team at Pinterest. Previously, he worked on search at Bing & Yandex, including work on crawling, index quality, query rewriting and ranking.

  • Vamsee Jasti, Google

    Vamsee Jasti is the product manager for advertising in AMP. His mission is to keep the web open and free by helping publishers make money without comprising on user experience. The other way he helps publishers is by clicking on every ad he sees on the web.

  • William Chou, Google

    William Chou is a Software Engineer who's working on new dynamic content in AMP. William worked in the games industry prior to joining Google.

  • Yamini Gupta, Google

    As Head of Publisher Marketing at Google, Yamini leads marketing programs aimed at helping publishers thrive and create sustainable businesses with advertising. In this role, Yamini drives industry education and product marketing for DoubleClick's mobile, video and programmatic solutions as well as the open source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. Yamini has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising and started her career marketing consumer goods at DDB in India. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Bombay University, and an MBA from Columbia University in New York.


Join us on Day 2 for a 2-hour long workshop with members of the AMP team. Bring your own laptop, watch a quick presentation, then walk through the codelab together with the help of on-site mentors that unblock you.

  • Build and contribute your first AMP Component
  • Beautiful, interactive, canonical: Pick three
  • Progressive Web AMPs: From AMP to PWA



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Does it cost anything?
No - tickets are free of charge.
Do I have to register for the live-stream?
No! The registration is only for on-site attendees that physically attend the conference. Come back here to this site on March 7th for a link and embed of the live-stream.
Who is the event for?
Web developers and designers who have used AMP and want to create even better AMP experiences, who haven't used AMP and are curious or want to contribute to AMP to make it better for everyone, and the web at large.
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Not yet. While your chances of getting a seat are pretty good, we will confirm attendees on a case-by-case basis to ensure we attract the right audience. Note that your seat is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation code.
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The AMP Conf is a mainly developer and designer focussed event (read: the people actually creating AMP experiences). If you're non-technical, you may still apply but you'll have a slimmer chance of getting through (and you'll enjoy the conf less!).
When will the schedule be announced?
We'll announce a detailed schedule before end of January.