The AMP Project's chief and primary concern is with the development of AMP HTML, an open-source runtime shared by many producers and consumers of (mostly) static web content. Its governance model thus reflects only the need to steer engineering direction, and not any other activities, which would be out of scope.

Our governance model is as follows:

  • There is a single Tech Lead, who will have the final say on all decisions regarding technical direction.
  • The Tech Lead directs the Core Committers, whose members include the Tech Lead and those who have been appointed by the Tech Lead as Core Committers.
  • In the event the Tech Lead is unable to perform his or her duties, or abdicates, the Core Committers can select a new Tech Lead from amongst themselves.
  • In the event there are no Core Committers, Google Inc. will appoint one.

Core Committers:

  • Tech Lead: Malte Ubl (@cramforce)
  • Dima Voytenko (@dvoytenko)
  • Erwin Mombay (@erwinmombay)
  • Justin Ridgewell (@jridgewell)
  • Mohammad Khatib (@mkhatib)
  • Sriram Krishnan (@sriramkrish85)
  • Yuxi Chen (@muxin)
  • Yuxuan Zhou (@zhouyx)