This page presents a quarterly overview of the planned features and enhancements to AMP. Projects are organized according to core focus areas.

This page will be updated twice per quarter:

  • The mid-quarter update will provide the first listing of the current quarter’s new priorities and present status of projects. In addition, a forecast of priorities for the following two quarters will be provided.
  • The end-of-quarter update will present the status of the just-ended quarter’s priorities and projects, as well as any updates to the two-quarter outlook. A detailed project listing for the quarter just being entered will be presented at the next mid-quarter update.


Enrich AMP's core, including its web components library, to grow support for content features

Q1 Themes

Q1 Status


  • Geo-variation support

  • Offline support and improved intermittent connectivity handling


Enable analytics on AMP pages and provide interoperability with data analysis solutions

Q1 Themes

Q1 Status

  • Deepen support for basic analytics such as new event triggers, variables, and flexibility in constructing hit requests

  • Provide support for e-commerce analytics

  • Provide support for video analytics


  • Expose batched interaction data (e.g. scroll events) to amp-analytics

  • Offline support (i.e. enable queuing until back online)


Enable ads on AMP pages, provide interoperability with ad technology providers, and drive ad ecosystem innovation with the AMP format

Q1 Themes

Q1 Status

  • Improve the overall ad loading and user experience on AMP

  • Enable and grow A4A creative format demand across publishers and advertisers

  • Extend A4A usage beyond AMP pages

  • Enhance AMP-format landing pages for the ads use case


  • Enable A4A creative demand across the buyer and publisher ecosystem

  • Enable deeper integration of ads with AMP-format landing pages across buyside and sellside systems


Enable login-based access to AMP pages

Q1 Themes

Q1 Status

  • Continue to improve paywall and subscription support in AMP

  • Make sign-in and payment for content a seamless and joyful experience in AMP


  • Enable better mobile payments with AMP

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