Note: An update to this policy is being discussed.

This document describes the governance model for the AMP open source project, and in particular the AMP HTML GitHub project.

Our governance model is as follows:

  • There is a single Tech Lead, who will have the final say on all decisions regarding technical direction.
  • The Tech Lead directs the Core Committers, whose members include the Tech Lead and those who have been appointed by the Tech Lead as Core Committers.
  • In the event the Tech Lead is unable to perform their duty, or abdicates, the Core Committers can select a new Tech Lead from amongst themselves.
  • In the unlikely event that there are no more Core Committers, Google Inc. will appoint a new Tech Lead.
  • Significant feature development and changes to AMP require following the "Intent to implement" process including approval from the Tech Lead and one Core Committer.
  • Before contributions can be merged into the AMP Project, approval must be given by an Owner and a Core Committer

List of Core Committers:

  • Tech Lead: Malte Ubl (@cramforce)
  • Alan Orozco (@alanorozco)
  • Ali Ghassemi (@aghassemi)
  • Cathy Zhu (@cathyxz)
  • Chen Shay (@chenshay)
  • David Sedano (@honeybadgerdontcare). Specialty: Validator
  • Dima Voytenko (@dvoytenko)
  • Erwin Mombay (@erwinmombay)
  • Greg Grothaus (@Gregable). Specialty: Validator
  • Hongfei Ding (@lannka)
  • Johannes Henkel (@powdercloud). Specialty: Validator
  • Justin Ridgewell (@jridgewell)
  • Wassim Gharbi (@wassgha)
  • William Chou (@choumx)
  • Yuxuan Zhou (@zhouyx)