AMP Conf 2019

ようこそ from Tokyo, Japan.

The AMP team and community is bringing its yearly gathering to Tokyo for two days full of talks by developers for developers, all crafted to help you create a best-in-class user experience. Whether you're interested in rich animations, dynamic content, DevOps or monetization, we got you covered. We can't wait to meet you.


Note: This is a rough first cut of the agenda. More talks will be added in the upcoming days, and times are subject to change.

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  • Opening Notes
    Crystal Lambert, Google Yusuke Utsunomiya, Google

    Welcome to AMP Conf 2019!

  • Keynote
    Malte Ubl, Google


  • The glory of amp-script: Unleashing the kraken
    Kristofer Baxter, Google

    AMP Documents have traditionally not allowed for custom JavaScript, relying on the well built large corpus of Web Components designed and validated to work within AMP. Today, we release the Kraken. We’ll introduce `amp-script`, allowing your custom JavaScript to operate within AMP Documents with reasonable limits. Now your custom logic can be expressed with the world’s most popular programming language.

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  • Next generation UX of EC-Cube, powered by AMP
    Kiyotaka Oku, EC-CUBE Mitsuhiro Naganuma, EC-CUBE

    A PHP based CMS with more than 1.8M downloads and 30K+ live merchants, EC-CUBE now uses AMP to satisfy the UX of their end users. This session covers the journey of EC-CUBE AMPing their platform starting from converting existing Twig template to eventually making the site PWA using AMP. The general essence of how EC-CUBE adapted AMP into existing platform should be useful for not only CMSers but broader Web developers.

  • Growing Up AMP First: Everything I Know I Learned From AMP
    Melissa DePuydt, WaPo

    Too often, engineers view AMP as just one more thing to implement. In reality, AMP provides engineers with a series of guiding principles that can help them deliver more performant websites—even when it comes to non-AMP pages. So, what happens when teams begin to think AMP first? Engineers are able to move beyond mere AMP validation and have a seat at the table in conversations about UX, performance, and even new feature development. Does that sound crazy? It's not just a pipe dream. In this talk, we will explore AMP's core design principles and unpack how businesses can (and should!) incorporate these principles into all aspects of their decision making. I will draw on real-life experience and examples from my team's work with top publishers—including LA Times, El Pais,, and a recent re-platforming effort at The Washington Post—and reveal how AMP can help teams align on goals and make better decisions at every level.

  • How We Make AMP Components a Great Experience for Everyone (Including Developers!)
    Andrew Watterson, Google

    A designer from the AMP team talks about how we go from feature requests to shipping components with great documentation. We draw up many versions of a feature to match the many ways AMP is used. We sit in cafes and talk to your users about how they use the web, and make changes based on their feedback. And since you are *our* users, we want to talk to you about how you work and how future AMP components can make your sites even better.

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  • live!
    Sebastian Benz, Google

    Live coding! See how to use the latest and greatest AMP features.

  • Embracing a Mobile First Approach
    Perry Lally, Google

    The evolution of, how a retail giant has to shift mentality and adopt a mobile first approach. Site speed is king, and how do you ensure you win in this category and win for the customer.

  • AMP Stories: The Story so far
    Jon Newmuis, Google Wei Hong, Google

    Join us for a whirlwind tour through everything new in AMP Stories. More details coming soon.

  • Coffee Break
  • Providing AMP service to tens of thousands of ecommerce sites
    Tommy Kang, Cafe24 Jinhyoung Kil, Cafe24

    Introduce a journey of ‘cafe24’ from the early stage of its business to growing as a successful leading ecommerce platform. Describe a true meaning of AMP adaptation to ecommerce platform and how it could bring useful insights for the purpose of driving positive business change for both market and user from a platform provider point of view. Explain our e-commerce platform structure including the main CMS and the details of our AMP plugin along with the overall project in the presentation. Shows a demo to visualize a smooth AMP to AMP navigation and a visual comparison between non-AMP page and a pre rendered paired AMP page in WebPageTest. Lastly add comments on our next plan about leveraging AMP and key PWA technologies (which had been already launched and used by many of our merchants) in our business strategy as well as our upcoming plan in big picture.

  • No power, no internet, no support: How AMP bridges the “app gap” in Iraq and other war-impacted region
    Levi Clancy, Re:Coded Balla Khadang, YouGov

    At the fringes of conventional considerations, users in war-impacted regions face restrictive app policies, incompatible u.x. assumptions, limited bandwidth, and little or no household electricity. AMP provides a toolkit to implement app-like, mobile-friendly, and quick-loading experiences that connect with users on the far side the “app gap” of access, infrastructure, and design. Gain a practical understanding of this poorly understood but highly impactful facet of design and implementation.

  • What's next in AMP
    Rudy Galfi, Google

    In this presentation, we wrap up the day with a summary of all of the key focus areas for AMP and talk about what the extended roadmap looks like.

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  • Opening
    Crystal Lambert, Google Yusuke Utsunomiya, Google

    Welcome back to day two!

  • Advertising & AMP: Driving ROI with speed
    Vamsee Jasti, Google Katharina Familia Almonte, Google

    AMP was developed first for web pages but we've found a number of those principles apply well for the advertising ecosystem. In this session, we'll talk about all the various ways AMP is being used for advertising, driving better return on investment (ROI).

  • AMP as a service: Auto-upgraded, accelerated developer workflows
    Naina Raisinghani, Google

    As the number of frameworks increase, AMP stays the well lit path that allows engineering teams to make the best decisions for their users. Much like SaaS, by using AMP CTOs ensure their engineering teams are able to be more agile in creating forward looking experiences while being backward compatible.

  • Coffee Break
  • How we migrated our entire site to AMP without the user noticing
    Andrea Rosal Rebolledo,

    AMP provided us the opportunity of improving the performance of our website. We started adding AMP version for some pages, having both AMP and non-AMP pages running together. Based on results, we decided to keep just the AMP version, which we accomplished gradually without the user noticing the changes. We ended up with an almost 100% AMP site.

  • Chrome + AMP in 2019
    Kenji Baheux, Google Kinuko Yasuda, Google

    At AMP conf 2018, we announced the beginnings of a collaborative effort between Chrome and AMP to enable instant and seamless user experiences on the web and make AMP more straightforward for publishers. Come see the progress we have made, hear about new projects we are working on to help developers be more successful, and how our work benefits AMP, the web and users.

  • Lunch
  • AMP for Email: pushing the boundaries of email with AMP
    Aakash Sahney, Google Filip Stanis, Google

    AMP for Email arrives to revolutionize how users interact with content in email.

  • Maximize Yahoo Japan’s UX with AMP and Signed HTTP Exchanges
    Hirohito Komada, Yahoo Japan Shigeki Otsu, Yahoo Japan Ryo Munakata, Yahoo Japan

    Yahoo Japan, owning multiple high traffic services such as the search platform and various commerce sites, worked on adapting Signed HTTP Exchanges both as a platform and a publisher. The session will walk through the technical details on how Yahoo Japan integrated the AMP packager and serving Signed AMP to SERP. The next-gen way of using AMP is here.

  • Generating AMP Pages with JavaScript and Vue.js
    Cristian Ronzio, Musement Spa Fabio Zecchini, Musement Spa

    Decreasing load times on our money pages: How and why we moved our most frequented transactional pages to AMP.

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  • Boring Content - Excited Users: The Power Of AMP Stories In Emerging Markets.
    Hans Pauwels, Tappable

    A smartphone is the default device to access the internet for people in emerging markets. Some developing economies are already leading the world in terms of social media use, mobile video consumption or online sales. Through our fintech activities in Kenya, we have first hand knowledge of user preferences and the difficulties of getting content read. We found the solution in Stories and we explain in detail why AMP Stories are ideal format to distribute content in emerging markets.

  • AMP Experiences in WordPress, the WordPress Way
    Jeanny Haliman, Google Alberto Medina, Google

    Enabling first-class AMP experiences on WordPress is one of the ways the AMP Project aims to bring a user-first experience to websites and content on the web. The Official AMP Plugin for WordPress integrates AMP content creation seamlessly with standard WordPress content creation workflows. In this talk we describe in detail how the AMP plugin for WordPress works, how to take advantage of it, and showcase some salient success stories of WordPress sites using the plugin in the wild.

  • Measuring success: What's new in AMP analytics & experiments
    Jeffrey Jose, Google

    Hear about the new developments in analytics and experimentation, without compromising performance or speed.

  • Scaling UX & Experiments in a Canonical AMP Product
    Ben Kim, iPrice Group

    For modern UX Teams, it seems nowadays are defined by the tools we use: Optimizely, HotJar, Intercom, etc. So how can a UX Team in a Canonical AMP product scale their efforts when most, if not all, of modern UX tools are inaccessible? In this talk, Ben Kim, Head of UX at iPrice Group, will share some of the challenges that UX teams will face when transitioning into a Canonical AMP environment and how UXers at iPrice have adapted in delivering the best user experience as possible for an audience of 16 million visitors a month from 7 different countries through qualitative UX research and site-wide AMP experiments.

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  • Aakash SahneyGoogle

    Aakash is a Product Manager at Google on the G Suite team. His team builds platform and extensibility features that enable rich integrations with G Suite.

  • Alberto MedinaGoogle

    Alberto Medina is a Developer Advocate currently working towards making the AMP experience for Content Management Systems awesome. Before AMP he worked helping companies and developers build progressive web applications using modern web technologies.

  • Andrea Rosal

    Andrea is the communications manager from She is in charge of the public relations of the company.

  • Andrew WattersonGoogle

    Andrew is a designer who codes working on the AMP Project. Previously he worked at Pivotal Labs bringing user-centered, agile software development to large companies, and as an early designer at startups like Meebo and Asana. He has a degree in Digital Media Design from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Balla KhadangYouGov

    Balla Khadang Hawezi is a self-taught web developer who is currently working as a Qualitative Research Moderator and Translator at YouGov in Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.

  • Ben KimiPrice Group

    Ben is an American expat currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Leading the UX team at the iPrice Group, he is working on establishing a user-centered focus for product teams and streamlining UX delivery to better serve the entire organization. He's previously worked with Fortune 500 companies, Fortune Global 100 financial institutions, successful Silicon Valley startups, and international publishing companies. Outside of work, he advises ASEAN startups through his agency, Apical Design, and speaks at design conferences in the APAC region.

  • Chris PapazianPinterest

  • Cristian RonzioMusement Spa

    Cristian leads Musement frontend team by giving his best to bring new ideas and contributing to build one of the biggest digital platforms in the travel industry.

  • Crystal LambertGoogle

  • David BesbrisGoogle

    Bez joined Google in 2008 and leads the Google News, Google Play Newsstand, AMP and Google Search fresh content teams. Before that he's led several other products, including Google+, Google Photos, Gmail and Google Calendar.

  • David StraussPantheon

  • Dima VoytenkoGoogle

  • Fabio ZecchiniMusement Spa

    With a strong focus on technology, Fabio graduated in Computer Science Engineering with a dissertation on Robot Automation and Artificial Intelligence. He has been working in multinational consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers within its Technology & Data Services Division. He decided to deep on Big Data space moving first to ShinyStat as their lead Product Marketing Manager. Such experience on data science led him to then decide to finally join media agency worldwide leader Dentsu Aegis Network as Chief Data & Analytics Officer with the primary goal to create the (intra agency) European data scientists team. In the end of 2012 he co-founded Musement - acquired by tour operating giant TUI Group in 2018 - where he’s now still involved as Chief Technology and Data Officer.

  • Filip StanisGoogle

    As a developer advocate, Filip works with Google's large partners to help them make the most out of the latest web technologies such as AMP. He's passionate about UX design and the open web, and contributes to other open source projects in his spare time. He holds a BCompSc from Union University in Serbia.

  • Hans PauwelsTappable

    Hans is founder and CEO of Tappable. He has over 30 years of experience in founding, managing and scaling up companies internationally. Tappable is the 8th venture he's moving into and the most special because he teams up with his 2 sons in this unique startup.

  • Hirohito KomadaYahoo Japan

  • Jeanny HalimanGoogle

    Jeanny works as South East Asia Web Lead and Indonesia Market Manager in Online Partnership Group at Google. Her team helps over 100,000+ publishers on monetization strategy and beyond - to accelerate publishers' growth sustainably.

  • Jeffrey JoseGoogle

    Jeffrey is a Product Manager on AMP leading analytics efforts. Prior to joining Google, Jeffrey was a Lead Technical Director at DreamWorks Animation where he worked on movies such as How To Train Your Dragon 2, Madagascar 3 and several others.

  • Jinhyoung KilCafe24

    As a Project Manager at Cafe24, Jinhyoung is responsible for developing opportunities that establish organizational goals and leading projects on platform and solution integration for a strategic partnership with global leading platforms such as Google, Facebook and Samsung Electronics. As a strategic marketing professional, she has many years of experience in digital marketing and mobile application publishing. With deep knowledge in campaign development, product launches as well as media expertise, Jinhyoung has worked on elevating brand profiles across SEA and Korea markets. Jinhyoung is a data enthusiast enjoying digging into data to deliver useful insights for positive business change.

  • Jon NewmuisGoogle

    Jon Newmuis currently leads the team responsible for the development of the AMP stories format for visual storytelling on the open web, that allows publishers to create visually compelling stories, optimized for consumption on a mobile device.

  • Katharina Familia AlmonteGoogle

    Katharina has been leading strategy and commercialization for advertising on AMP and AMPHTML ads since AMP's inception, after 5 years of working on Google's various publisher solutions. She was born and raised in Germany where she also went to college, and lived in Brazil, France and Ireland before moving to New York City.

  • Kristofer BaxterGoogle

    Kristofer is a Software Engineer at Google focused on making the Web as fast as possible for users. Prior to working with AMP teams, Kristofer managed teams at LinkedIn and Netflix improving their software architecture and products.

  • Kenji BaheuxGoogle

    Kenji is the product management lead for Instant and Reliable Loading user experiences on the web platform team in Chrome at Google. He previously worked as a product manager on user facing products and features at Google such as Google Japanese Input, and accessibility features in Chrome OS. Prior to Google, Kenji was a software engineer at Sharp Electronics.

  • Kinuko YasudaGoogle

    Kinuko is a software engineer at Google working on Chrome. She is a tech-lead of Chrome loading for web platform, like Service Workers, Web Packaging, and various loading improvements.

  • Kiyotaka OkuEC-CUBE


  • Levi ClancyRe:Coded

    Levi is a developer and communications strategist in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where he works for tech hub Re:Coded as well as freelance clients including the UN and YouGov. He is currently studying master's degrees in Applied Demography (Penn State) and Museum Studies (University of Leicester).

  • Malte UblGoogle

    Malte is a Principal Engineer at Google working on JavaScript infrastructure, a member of the AMP Project Technical Steering Committee, and helps curate JSConf EU in Berlin.

  • Melissa DePuydtWaPo

  • Mitsuhiro NaganumaEC-CUBE


  • Naina RaisinghaniGoogle

    Naina Raisinghani is a Product Manager on the AMP Project. She focuses on helping AMP engineers build great components that are delightful and easy to use. She previously spent 2 years as a Software Engineer on the Chrome team working on making the rendering engine pixel perfect.

  • Paul ArmstrongTwitter

  • Paul BakausGoogle

    Paul Bakaus is a Developer Advocate at Google, heading up outreach for AMP. He assists developers, designers, and filmmakers to create better, faster, more immersive and more convincing digital experiences.

  • Perry LallyGoogle

    Perry is currently one of the Senior Product Managers for George @ Asda currently based in the United Kingdom. Prior to his 6 year spell at the retail giant, he was a brick layer which was quite the career change. Perry was the Product Manager for the first major retailer in the U.K launching AMP.

  • Rudy GalfiGoogle

    Rudy Galfi is the product management lead for the AMP Project since August 2015. He previously spent four years at Google building personalized content recommendation experiences for various Google products and was product manager for Google News. Prior to Google, Rudy was a software engineer at Microsoft.

  • Ryo MunakataYahoo Japan

  • Saulo SantosMicrosoft

  • Sebastian BenzGoogle

    Sebastian Benz is a Developer Advocate at Google. He created and helps partners be more successful on the web and on Android. Sebastian has a PhD in Computer Science from TU Muenchen.

  • Shigeki OtsuYahoo Japan

  • To Be AnnouncedAMP Conf

  • Tommy KangCafe24

    Tommy Kang joined Cafe24 as a Development Team Leader in 2010 and now heads its E-Commerce Development Team. He is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of building and executing many projects throughout his career. During the early years of his career, Tommy worked as a web engineer at Yahoo! Korea for more than a decade. He likes agile development methodologies, which he believes maximize the productivity of development and has proven its effect by applying Scrum into the Cafe24 system.

  • Vamsee JastiGoogle

    Vamsee Jasti is the product manager for advertising in AMP. His mission is to keep the web open and free by helping publishers make money without comprising on user experience. The other way he helps publishers is by clicking on every ad he sees on the web.

  • Wei HongGoogle

    Hong Wei currently leads the interaction design work for the AMP stories format and the visual design work to showcase AMP stories across Google platforms. The AMP stories format is aiming to allow publishers to create visually compelling stories easily and accessible to all users through the open web.

  • Yusuke UtsunomiyaGoogle

  • More speakers to be announced!



Roppongi Academy Hills, Tokyo

〒106-6149 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi 6 Chome−6−10-1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー49階 Japan

..and live-streamed around the world.


Does it cost anything?
No - tickets are free of charge.
What language will the talks be in?
All talks are being simultaneously presented and streamed in English and Japanese.
Do I have to register for the live-stream?
No! The registration is only for on-site attendees that physically attend the conference. Come back here to this site on April 17th for a link and embed of the live-stream.
Who is the event for?
Web developers and designers who have used AMP and want to create even better AMP experiences, who haven't used AMP and are curious or want to contribute to AMP to make it better for everyone, and the web at large.
Does registering mean I am all set to attend?
Not yet. While your chances of getting a seat are pretty good, we will confirm attendees on a case-by-case basis to ensure we attract the right audience. Note that your seat is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation code.
When will I hear back if I have a spot?
We'll try to confirm you within less than a week!
What determines if I have a spot?
The AMP Conf is a mainly developer and designer focused event (read: the people actually creating AMP experiences). If you're non-technical, you may still apply but you'll have a slimmer chance of getting through (and you'll enjoy the conf less!).
When will the schedule be announced?
We'll announce a detailed schedule in February.