There are many ways to get help for questions and issues related to AMP:

Need help with AMP?

If you are looking for help to get started using AMP on your site or you are having issues using AMP, consult these resources:

  • provides guides and tutorials to help you learn about AMP.
  • AMP by Example provides hands-on samples and demos for using AMP components.
  • AMP Start provides pre-styled templates and components that you can use to create styled AMP sites from scratch.
  • Stack Overflow is our recommended way to find answers to questions about AMP; since members of the AMP Project community regularly monitor Stack Overflow you will probably receive the fastest response to your questions there. If you can't find answers there, the #using-amp Slack channel[1] is available for discussions and questions.
  • For AMP on Google Search questions or issues, please use Google's AMP forum.
  • To check the status of AMP serving and its related services, see the AMP Status page.

Found a bug? Suggest a feature?

If you encounter a bug in AMP or have a feature request for AMP, see Reporting issues with AMP for information on filing an issue or requesting features.

Contributing to AMP?

  • Read Contributing to AMP HTML, which provides details on ways you can contribute to the AMP Project.
  • For questions and discussions about about contributing to the open source project, reach out to the #contributing Slack channel[1] .

[1]To access our AMP Slack channels, you must first sign up.