There are many ways to get help for questions and issues related to AMP:

Need help with AMP?

If you are looking for help to get started using AMP on your site or you are having issues using AMP, consult these resources:

  • provides guides and tutorials to help you learn about AMP.
  • AMP by Example provides hands-on samples and demos for using AMP components.
  • AMP Start provides pre-styled templates and components that you can use to create styled AMP sites from scratch.
  • Stack Overflow is our recommended way to find answers to questions about AMP; since members of the AMP Project community regularly monitor Stack Overflow you will probably receive the fastest response to your questions there.
  • For AMP on Google Search questions or issues, please use Google's AMP forum.
  • To check the status of AMP serving and its related services, see the AMP Status page.

Found a bug? Suggest a feature?

If you encounter a bug in AMP or have a feature request for AMP, see Reporting issues with AMP for information on filing an issue or requesting features.

Contributing to AMP?

Contributing to AMP HTML is a great place to find out how you can make contributions to the AMP open source project and how you can get help if you run into questions when contributing to AMP.