AMP Conf 2019. April 17/18. Tokyo.
AMP Conf 2019

The AMP Project Roadmap

Note: This is a high level overview suitable for all audiences. For a more detailed developer view, head to Github.

Next Up

In Development

  • Support IAB Consent Framework using amp-consent

    At the moment, consent within amp-consent is binary. Either the user can accept consent for all vendors on the page or reject consent for all vendors on the page. This feature provides the ability for a user to accept or reject consent on a per vendor basis. Further, this could also be enhanced to support consent on a per vendor and per purpose basis. for e.g. a user should be able to give consent at a granular level to Vendor A for the purpose of analytics but reject consent to Vendor A for the purpose of ads. Master issue is #15651

  • Enhancements to amp-consent

    This is a master issue to track the second phase of amp-consent which focuses on more advanced use cases of amp-consent. All active features in discussion from the initial amp-consent [implementation] (#13716 ) have been moved to this issue.

  • Substitution variables for amp-consent

    This feature will enable a publisher to incorporate amp-consent related status information via AMP's substitution variable framework (originally proposed here).