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The AMP Project Roadmap

Note: This is a high level overview suitable for all audiences. For a more detailed developer view, head to Github.

Next Up

In Development

  • amp-video-iframe

    amp-video increasingly supports engaging and useful video features (analytics, muted autoplay, minimize-on-scroll), and some third-party players have adopted these features through video interface as well. However, single-business custom players can't get these features because they slip through the cracks: implementing them as new components isn't a good approach for AMP since they're not broadly useful to the community, which means they can't use video interface. amp-video-iframe would solve this by making these features available for custom video players via a special wrapper

  • Minimize video to corner on scroll

    Often users want to continue watching a video at the same time that they view more content on a web page (see a recipe being made at the same time as jotting down ingredient list or reading steps one by one; watching footage of a news story while reading a deeper dive on the content). This feature is to implement a UI that makes this easy: minimizing videos to the corner of the screen when the user has scrolled them sufficiently out of view. Controls should be available to pause, mute, go to fullscreen, or dismiss the video. Should integrate well with similar platform-level UIs.


  • Trigger video fullscreen in landscape

    Some browsers offer the capability to automatically trigger video fullscreen in landscape, sometimes at the browser level and sometimes through a developer opt-in. We want this feature to work just as it does per browser (either automatically or via opt-in).