AMP Conf 2019. April 17/18. Tokyo.
AMP Conf 2019

The AMP Project Roadmap

Note: This is a high level overview suitable for all audiences. For a more detailed developer view, head to Github.

Next Up

In Development

  • Input masking

    A common pattern on the web to assist form completion is input masking: automatically inserting expected characters and spaces in a given form input. For instance, "+1 ( _ ) _ - _ _" for a phone number in the United States. As the user types, their input fills out the blank entries, and sometimes showing validation issues automatically. This feature is to implement this type of input masking, with a flexible way to implement a system of expected characters and spaces, good default UI for the spaces, ways to easily customize, and a way to integrate with standard form validation.


  • File upload

    Until now it has not been possible to upload files from an AMP document. This feature is to support the ability to upload files in AMP with a simple, flexible API with no built-in styling of its own.

  • Date picker

    Well-designed date pickers are a common requirement for web pages that require users to select a date (e.g. scheduling an appointment, choosing a range of dates as criteria for a flight or hotel search, etc). The range of customizations needed to create good UX across the required use cases is not handled directly or consistently across the web platform, so custom JS is required for most developers—and consequently we needed to build this into AMP!

  • input[type="password"]

    <amp-form> didn't launch with support for <input type="password">, due to the initial complexity, but developers have started to ask for this flexibility. This type of input, where the characters are visibly masked as a bullet or asterisk, is used in cases where third parties can directly see the screen of users entering confidential information.