This document describes the governance model for the AMP open source project, and in particular the AMP HTML GitHub project.

Our governance model is as follows:

  • There is a single Tech Lead, who will have the final say on all decisions regarding technical direction.
  • The Tech Lead directs the Core Committers, whose members include the Tech Lead and those who have been appointed by the Tech Lead as Core Committers.
  • In the event the Tech Lead is unable to perform their duty, or abdicates, the Core Committers can select a new Tech Lead from amongst themselves.
  • In the unlikely event that there are no more Core Committers, Google Inc. will appoint a new Tech Lead.
  • Significant feature development and changes to AMP require following the "Intent to implement" process including approval from the Tech Lead and one Core Committer.
  • Before contributions can be merged into the AMP Project, approval must be given by an Owner and a Core Committer

List of Core Committers:

  • Tech Lead: Malte Ubl (@cramforce)
  • Alan Orozco (@alanorozco)
  • Ali Ghassemi (@aghassemi)
  • Cathy Zhu (@cathyxz)
  • Chen Shay (@chenshay)
  • David Sedano (@honeybadgerdontcare). Specialty: Validator
  • Dima Voytenko (@dvoytenko)
  • Erwin Mombay (@erwinmombay)
  • Greg Grothaus (@Gregable). Specialty: Validator
  • Hongfei Ding (@lannka)
  • Johannes Henkel (@powdercloud). Specialty: Validator
  • Justin Ridgewell (@jridgewell)
  • Wassim Gharbi (@wassgha)
  • William Chou (@choumx)
  • Yuxuan Zhou (@zhouyx)