AMP Conf 2019. April 17/18. Tokyo.
AMP Conf 2019

AMP stories

A visual storytelling format for the open web

AMP stories immerse readers in tappable, full-screen content. Building on the possibilities of the AMP project, this format enables the creation of visual content that is fast, open, and user-first.

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Why AMP stories?

AMP story features

Supports rich visuals with native video and image performance

Enriches storytelling through animations and tappable interactions

Works across mobile and desktop devices on the open web

Builds on top of AMP’s component library to support features like analytics

“As a source for breaking news and information, this format allows us to showcase our quality journalism when there are multiple elements we want to bring together. Combining reporting, photography, videos and motion graphics, this gives readers a more visual entry point when they are searching for our coverage.”

Greg Manifold, Design Director

“AMP stories have incredible potential to enhance how we create mobile content. Our team can easily create beautiful, media-rich stories that our users will now be able to access quickly across the web. We continue to be focused on creating the best content for every platform and the creative possibilities on AMP stories are endless”

Doug Parker, Vice President of Digital Design

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